Diana Rivera (b. 1981, New York City, USA) is a self-taught photographer with 9 years of experience photographing events and human-interest subjects within her hometown. Her switch to artistic photography came in 2017 after five years of working in event photography. In her inaugural work Catharsis: She Moon, Diana documents performance artists in a rehearsal for a one night only show that tells the feminist tale of society's persecution of queer people using magic and paganism. This body of work remains resonant with the current zeitgeist.

Diana makes photographic work using both film and digital. Her latest works explore the concepts of isolation, dislocation, and mortality in the modern world. By emphasizing the sharp contrast of light and darkness using 35mm photography, she creates work in which a dreamy if not unsettling emotional reality can be found surrounding our everyday existence. Her current film series, Ghost Waltz, Diana searches for the atmosphere of the past within the rapidly changing metropolis. Capturing haunting night-time scenes that are at once arresting and disorienting, her photographs reveal the many historic layers of the urban landscape, reminding us that existence is ephemeral within the dimension of time and space. Her latest in this series is a tribute that follows the tragic death of silent film luminary, Rudolph Valentino, a figure who redefined masculinity for the following generations, but at a great personal price.

Her work can be found on LensCulture and ’s “Photography” publication.

Diana currently lives and works in New York City, NY.

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